The basic idea of the restoration and development of Manský dvůr is achievement of harmony of the human activities and nature. That is why as the first big project was elaborated, seemingly illogically, the Restoration of the system of reservoirs Manský dvůr. There are four reservoirs founded in the thirties of the twentieth century, except for the first pond documented in the maps as early as in the 19th century.

An example of changes of the third of the reservoirs, so called Number Three, is documented by the photo-series.

At the beginning of the restoration, the valley of Manský brook was nearly impassable and the wood, mainly on the right bank, had been uncared-for for decades because of a difficult accessibility. The vision of the restoration of the ponds, which would retain soil water in the landscape and offered a refuge for animals and a place for nice walks for people, appeared as unrealizable to all but the owner. In spite of that the owner had had a project elaborated, with which he applied for a grant. He succeeded in 1998 and the work was immediately started. In 2002 the construction was approved and with the human help the nature gradually heals the wounds that have inevitably been caused by the building activities.


M A N S K Ý   D V Ů R