We make prompt efforts in order to allow Manský dvůr to become once again an independent economical organism.

Manský dvůr should become a place that can offer the visitors a rare harmony between nature and human activities.  Having that in mind, a cascade of four water reservoirs below the manor has been restored (see Ponds), the state of an uncared-for forest has been improved, the area of  the manor back lands has been more than doubled and at present the buildings of the manor are being fundamentally repaired (see Restoration of the Buildings). It is to be underlined that this success on the way towards the new life of Manský dvůr is possible only thanks to a team of enthusiastic people, each of them contributing in the sphere corresponding to his/her proficiency and skills.

We wish Manský dvůr became a centre of a free association “Circuit of the Slavkov Forest”. This association should associate people of that region who have taken their fates in their hands and at the same time they cultivate various traditions and folklore in the broadest sense of the word. In the future we shall provide information on them at our site, which will allow you to come to see them, to learn something new or eventually to buy something nice from them.


M A N S K Ý   D V Ů R