In the old building of the mannor, where is the pension we have reconstructed a new hall. It can be used for private parties, trainings, weddings etc.
We stareted the work in the year 2009. It was not simple because of the problem with the moisture under the floor. How we proceeded you can see on nect pictures.

The beginning - march 2009

Start of the work. The base of the floor is prepared to put "igloos" which will separate the future floor. The double floor will use a simple physical principle to ventilate the air gap.

Situation spring 2009

Here will be a nice big window. The "igloos" are positioned and will be covered by concrete.

Situation 11/2009

The concrete floor finished. The work continue by the electric wiring, heating system.

Situation 01/2010

Beginning of the work on tile floor.

And the floor is finished.

Situation 03/2011

Finished !

Now, if you want organise a private party, you are welcome.
Tha hall can be used as a conference room with a capacity of 40 persons. The meal are taken in other rooms and so the training is not disturbed.



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