In the valley under the manor there is a reconstructed cascade of four reservoirs situated in a beautiful and peaceful environment. To maintain biological balance in the reservoirs, both herbivorous and carnivorous fish have been planted out. The visitors can buy a fishing permission and borrow fishing equipment from Mr. Kortan, the pension keeper.


Since 2009 horse riding is possible for horse-lovers thanks to Mrs. Solařová. She keeps about ten horses of the breed "Czech warm blooded horse" and one mare of the old breed of Kladruby. The Czech warm blooded horse is of equitable character, quick to learn and excellent with children. The horse of Kladruby, bred as a heavy carriage horse, is, for its moderate temper, often used in hippotherapy. The rides are adapted to the skills of riders, with possible horse riding in the surrounding countryside for the most experienced ones. There are ponies for children as well.


Manský dvůr is situated on one of the cycling tracks. It is possible to go to the protected landscape area Slavkovský les or to the Artery Český les. You can have a break and refreshment at Manský dvůr during your tour or the manor can be the start and the aim of your trips if you take advantage of the accommodation in the pension or cottage.

Equipment for outdoor sports and games is available to you. At the pension there is a table-tennis table, you can play soft-tennis of ride a bike or roller skates on a spacious concrete surface without the danger of being run over by a car. We create a mini “ZOO”, where your children can play with small farm animals. How do you like our kids, for example?

Around Marienbad there are little known but well maintained cross-country skiing track. Less demanding skier can be satisfied by the local downhill course. For demanding skiers there are downhill courses at 70 km distant Klínovec.


Marienbad region is not very well known. Thanks to long-time systematic work of Mr. Zdeněk Buchtele, a lot of information has been revealed concerning remote, as well as recent, history of this part of our country. You can find some exhibits reminding that history in our mini-museum.


The Czech borderland was noted for a specific fruit growing. The last representatives of the surviving species are also to be found at Manský Dvůr. Thanks to the Czech Conservation Association, namely Mr. Bartoš, the trees have been charted and identified. In collaboration with the Czech Conservation Association, new rootstocks with grafters of these species are being planted. If you are interested in this curiosity, come and see us.


Not to be bored when you are physically exhausted or when it is raining outside, you can choose and enjoy some of our books.  Our gradually created library arose from discarded books of the library in Ostrov nad Ohří thanks to the collaboration with its then manager, Mrs. Světlana Hančová.


At the large grounds of the estate you can enjoy beauties of the landscape: in the valley with the cascade of reservoirs, in the woods (in case of your interest, with the explanation on the forest tending), in the meadows with the view of the surroundings, watching the grazing cows or horses and even wild animals, or visit a Jewish Cemetery.


Manský Dvůr is situated between the Protected Landscape Area of Bohemian Forest (CHKO Český les) and Slavkov Forest (CHKO Slavkovský les). Whichever direction you take, you can fine a place of interest. You can get to the Slavkov forest via Úbočí, where an information board reminds of history of a guard castle and there is a Jewish cemetery nearby, or via Podlesí. You will be welcomed by beautiful outdoors and if you are a fit hiker, you can set out for example to Kladská or Kynžvart. Kyžvart is a famous Metternich chateau, but also the ruins of the Kynžvart castle are worth seeing. If you start for the opposite direction, you can enjoy local traditional architecture in Salajna or reach the highest peak of the Bohemia Forest (Český les) – Dyleň.



M A N S K Ý   D V Ů R